Andi Eigenmann is pregnant

Although I will not be able to post here the actual picture of Andi Eigenmann while she is (i think) 4 months pregnant, I just wanted to blog about it as I feel proud that she finally gets to admit to the public about her pregnancy. I am proud too as a woman that she was able to keep the baby and not decide on anything else.

Andi is such a darling to me especially when I look at her and it will not be a waste to take care of her own baby (who is said to be a girl) despite the guy who got her pregnant seem not able to want to admit that the baby is his. Well, let's all forget about that as what is important that we wish Andi all the luck as person, a celebrity and a soon-to-be mom. WAtch a video below of the report from ABS-CBN with Gretchen Fullido.

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