New MMDA Vehicle Tagging Scheme

(full photo credits to just learned from the news last night that finally, the MMDA through its new chairman had implemented the vehicle tagging scheme. Early on today in UKG or Umagang Kay Ganda program in ABS-CBN Channel 2 episode for this month and week, August 16, 2011, Anthony Taberna interviewed the MMDA chairman regarding this matter.

Personally, I believe that this new vehicle tagging scheme will be another cutting edge more to reduce abusive bus drivers because this way, it would be lightning fast to determine who is the culprit plus it would be now easier for the proper authorities to see who is involved in vehicular crimes which we all know recently involves many busses in the Metro Manila area.

There will be many more benefits for both the authorities and the public if this MMDA vehicular tagging scheme will continue to be implemented. This is a great move by the Metro Manila Development Authority on their part to have this scheme up and running. As for bus owners, they surely will detest this new scheme to avoid so many illegal activities such as multiple plate number for their busses.

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