Janelle Manahan Ramgen Revilla alleged video scandal leaked online, being used against her testimony

There are strong and fast widespread of news that a copy of the alleged Janelle Manahan and Ramgen Revilla sex video scandal is circulating online and lawyers were interviewed that it was allegedly being used against their client, Janelle to supress her from talking further in her testimony regarding the death of Ramgen Revilla.

Although the exact motive of the uploaders of the said video scandal were still not determined, there were doubts that it is currently being used against the lone living witness to the killing of Ramgen Revilla. As of now, there were no proof of who uploaded the video and made it available for public viewing, it was being investigated now and there were allegations that the incident is being pointed to whoever is being accused in the killing of Ramgen. Tried looking over in isohunt and piratebay, 2 of the popular sites where you can find an array of torrents but found none of what the news said. I guess this is all hoax and not true.

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