Park Hyo Jin Doll-like Ulzzang Picture / Photo

Ulzzang Picture of Park Hyo Jin

“Best Face”, this is the word which means Ulzzang as Koreans have known in their country. Well, but did you also know that Ul means face, jjang/zzang means best which when bound together, these two words become best face.

Although some would recall how a nose lift would be in Korea compared to other countries, having above average looks can be achieved at times with the use of Photoshop. That was when Haduri posted on Daum cafes, and recognized as an Internet celebrity star.

Ulzzang - Park Hyo Jin

Another Ulzzang - Park Hyo Jin
Beside is another one of my favorite "doll-like" ulzzang pictures of Park Hyo Jin. I must admit that she really is very cute, coddly and very attractive.

She's like a living doll because of her flawless skin and very cute eyes although make up did it better for her in the obvious on this photo. Below is also Park Hyo Jin profile:

Name: Park Hyo Jin
Cyworld :
Company: Arooki (Abooki Female Store)

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