(Review) EZ Shop's WII aFgF acne removal cream, is it still effective?

I didn't actually know if this could be called a review when I never really used this product but since a friend blogger has featured this acne removal cream from EZ Shop, she received quite an amount of inquiries each month from teens (mostly) looking for ways to remove pimples on their face if not at the back portion of the body.

Now, if you are also one of those who believed in the videos and samples (real live people) who are living testament to the effectiveness of any acne cream, you could be wrong. Remember that (according to my dermatologist) the skin had many types. Some are too sensitive that they have become prone to infection and infestation from acne that eventually, they turn into stapilo cocci infestation. Usually, the face is the victim.

In my search online for wiiafgf product reviews, I found this blog (i'm not going to disclose it here) where many users of the said product are clamoring that it had very little or no effect and at times even worsened their acne problem. Well, with this claim, I can't say anyting else. First of all, I don't know if these people even tried consulting first with a qualified doctor on skin or dermatologist before using WII aFgF cream.

If they didn't, then chances are, they won't know first hand what it will do to their skin. That alone could be one of the biggest mistake of anyone who had pimples or acne and they want it removed from their face. Remember that little knowledge is always dangerous so don't experiment with anything, less you have consulted first with a qualified professional in the field.

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