Facebook Advertising Rates

Apart from me knowing how to launch an advertisement using Facebook Ads, I also know that there is a bigger chunk of the traffic if you use instead, Google Adwords for pay per click campaign advertisement (PPC). But the thing is if you could reach just the right people (targeted traffic) using your ad, then there is no reason why you can't come up with high conversion rate and return on investment.

Since I am up and running in discussing Facebook Ads, then I have visualized that many of those who are looking to find how to launch Facebook ads would also be looking forward to seek information regarding the advertising rates of these advertisement. I would like to give light to it based from my own experience.

First off, Facebook advertising rates depend on the 3 things. One is from your budget on either a per click basis or per visit or cost per click (CPC) and CPM which is based on a sponsored story basis. The third party reason is if your ad is not getting enough visits after a couple of hours or days or weeks of launching. You will immediately notice a warning by Facebook to increase your ad budget on a CPC basis that is if you opt in for a Php 1.00 per click and it is not enough, you will have to be obliged to change it to a higher rate at probably Php1.25 CPC.

Always look for the warning by FB if your ad is not running or getting any visits or your Facebook Page landing URL not getting any traffic, then you will have to again try the suggested advertising rate or even increase or lower it a bit from the suggestion rate. Try to play around with the costing so you know what works and what doesn't. You can also try visiting this page - http://www.facebook.com/help/?page=219791638048948

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