Pinoy Seaman Loan Application Requirements also for Allotee Loan

A seaman loan and allotee loan is both one of the types of loans being offered here in the Philippines but the fact is, both offer a 1-day release for many private lending companies as well as other establishments like those offered as part of a program of bank loans for local seamen and seawomen or maritime workers.

Being a loan consultant for GDFI, a private lending company based in Makati Philippines but had numerous branches all over the Philippines, I would like to open up to maritime laborers.

If you are a seaman or seawoman and you want to apply for this type of instant and fast cash loan, then you have a friend in me. I can definitely help you process your papers, documents and requirements so you can get approval in no time. You'll just have to read more about it  as well as contact me here -

Otherwise, you can contact me below:

Sam Casuncad - Loan Consultant for GDFI based in Makati
Sun CP - 0932-872-5532
Home Phone - 366-3645
Email Address -
Website -

If you want to send me an inquiry email regarding you loan application or other questions, please state your full name and contact details as well. This way, I may be able to get to your concern fast. Provide your home phone number and cellphone number in your email.

Before you send me an email inquiry, first off you have to know if you are qualified. This is determined with the binding contract you have with your company. WE ONLY ACCEPT APPLICANTS WHO ARE EITHER ALREADY AT LEAST 3 MONTHS IN THE VESSEL OR THOSE WHO ARE ABOUT TO EMBARK AND ALREADY HAVE SIGNED A CONTRACT WITH THE MARITIME COMPANY.

If you are either of the 2 cases, you are definitely qualified to apply for this loan. We require that you should have a binding and latest updated contract with your company before you can qualify as an applicant and before we process your seaman loan application.

Seaman Loan Requirements:

1. Standard contract with POEA validation
2. Passport photocopy
3. SRC and Seaman's Book
4. Allotment certificate or Allotment Slip
5. Marriage contract or birth certificate of their children

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