SSS Unified ID System: Is it invading our privacy?

Now it all depends on how we view our privacy. With me, of course there are private stuff I'd like to keep just for myself like for example my sex life but with respect to my personality like name, and so on, I say it is not something we should hide from others. It is the best way to allow ourselves to integrate and cooperate in the first place with all sorts of things that bring positivity in our lives.

So what's the issue behind the SSS unified ID system? Is it really something to fear about to be invasive of our private life? Hell no! In the first place, who among us have private lives when it is not even ours to say? I say yes to the SSS unified ID system and I say yes because I am one of those who've been waiting 2 years to have that SSS ID card since I applied for it back in June 2009.

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