DepEd Graduation rites 2012 memo

A particular memorandum was recently released by the Department of Education. This is the graduation rites 2012 memo which is to be implemented by school heads for both public and private elementary and high school 2012 graduation rites in the Philippines.

Memo Description:

Deped Memo Order No. 9, series of 2012 entitled 2012 Graduation Rites was issued last January 27, 2012.

Excerpts of Deped Memo on 2012 Graduation Rites

The 2012 Graduation Rites shall focus on the theme “Your Gift of Learning, Our Tool for Nation Building”. 2012 Graduation Ceremony shall be scheduled either March 28 or 29, 2012.

Conduct and Collection of Graduation Fees:

Public school heads, teachers and other Deped personnel are not allowed to collect any graduation fees or any kind of contribution for the graduation rites;
PTAs may give donations in cash or kind for the graduation ceremonies and celebration;
No non-academic projects shall be imposed as requirements for graduation;
No extravagant attire or extraordinary venues for the ceremony shall be required;
Contributions for the annual yearbook shall be on a voluntary basis.
Furthermore, 2012 graduation rites shall not be used for political forum.

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