Lead contamination in Maybelline, L’Oreal and 400 lipsticks

US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) reportedly found traces of lead in 400 lipsticks sold all over the popular market. This is an alarming report as literally billions of people all over the world are using the said products today and if not warned about this issue, tragedy could possibly strike.

Some lipstick brands tested positive with lead content says FDA are:

L’Oréal and Maybelline lipsticks which ranked among the most contaminated with lead.

Maybelline’s Color Sensational Pink Petal lipstick had the most lead of all, with a level of 7.19 parts per million (PPM).

Interestingly, the cheapest brand many of you might even have bought, the Wet ‘n’ Wild Bahama Mama, has the least lead content according to reports.

Included in the FDA study were lipstick brands Cover Girl, Revlon, Estée Lauder, M.A.C., Burt’s Bees and Almay.

The small amount of lead exposure especially in young children, developing brains in young children, can cause a problem and the main problem it can cause is development of that brain,” Dr. John said.

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