iPad 3, a smaller version out on March 2012

iPad 3 New Release Measurement
It's already February and blogs as well as different online forums have been talking and buzzing and tweeting all about the upcoming release of the iPad 3 new version which according to some popular tech blogs will be a smaller one. How true this news is, nobody yet knows but what is a month or less? I'll surely wait for the release of the new iPad 3.

Since its launch last April 2010, iPad was said to have sold more than 56 million units. Also according to some news buzz I was able to read, Apple's iPad 3 will feature a higher resolution and a smaller screen making the cool summer gadget even cooler to get a hand on. "Apple has shown to its components’ suppliers the screen designs for the device with an 20.3-centimeter display. 

Currently iPad 2 which is available in the market has a 24.6-cm screen so this is big change and comfort for a carry-on gadget in 2012.

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