Play Angry Birds Free on Facebook Now: 2012 update

Play Angry Birds on Facebook for Free
Who doesn't know anything about Angry Birds, the popular mobile game stint? Well, if you are looking for the next Angry Birds update this 2012, it's finally here.

The birds will be squawking their way through Facebook games apps as Rovio, a Finnish company finally launched Angry Birds for Facebook apps wherein you can literally and virtually play the said popular flash game in Jakarta, Indonesia. Why there? It's all simply because Jakarta is currently the Facebook capital of the world wherein there is contained the most number of users than any other cities in the world.

The Finnish company is currently targeting 1 billion users to play the addictive game. Angry Birds is very popular in the Philippines and that is also the same reason why the new update of the said game is a most awaited here in the Philippines as well as in many parts of the world.

With its integration to the biggest social networking website in the world, mobile users, since its inception has been played by more than 700 million users all over the world and with its new update in 2012 out via being available as a game application on Facebook, the birds will soon find its servers and bots busy. Download of the game will soon boost up so if you want to play free Angry Birds game on Facebook, just visit here.

Interactive features and a new version of the game using more levels to go to and from will highlight players of the favorite cute characters of the birds and the pig for kids and adults alike on Facebook. Even giving more excitement to the game were the developers of the integration as players were now allowed to compete with their Facebook friends in exchange for higher score not taking out the extra amenity of giving and sending gifts to friends plus a surprise of allowing players to purchase new power-ups.

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