Donnie "Ahas" Nietes Denies Fuentes in a Controversial Pinoy Pride fight yesterday

It was a nice Sunday for me until I was able to watch Pinoy Pride featuring the fight in the main event between Donnie "Ahas Nietes and Fuentes. It was a nice fight until it got messy with the face of the WBO champion when an accidental headbutt was scored against him by Fuentes.

In the early and first 3 rounds, it was Nietes stalking and trying to knock out Fuentes but in the latter rounds after a cut was suffered by the champ, all the rounds belonged to Fuentes in my eyes. I'm not sure why the judges had it the other way around against the supposed new champ, Fuentes who seemed to outpoint Nietes more than 6 rounds in the fight when it ended in a 12-round bout.

I was disappointed at the decision of the 3 judges including one Pinoy. It was supposed to have been given to Fuentes. The fight was a clear brawl but the injured Nietes was not able to make it back after getting cut on both eyebrow. It was not such a very bad cut and I admire the gallantry of the champion Pinoy but the ruling was very absurd for the judges to have come up with a majority draw decision... My, it was a robbery on my end. For more news, just visit us here at News Room.

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