Who cares about your showbiz and love life, Kris?

Who the hell are you to go live broadcast over a tv station bragging about how good or bad your relationship has been going with a kicked out husband of yours, Kris? Who the hell do you think you are? Well, not all people cares about whatever love life or showbiz life you are going through or having right now and frankly, we don't care who's right or wrong about your case with James Yap! period!

I feel like its a waste of time watching the news with you on interview as if you are an important factor to our daily lives as common people of the Philippines. Yes, fact also that we may love you or some of your movies or teleserye but sad to say, fact is also that we don't care what the hell happened between you and your love love love husband so please don't go national broadcast just to brag how devastated you or your kids are just to probably prove a point or to show off whose right and whose wrong. We don't care so please stop bragging. Don't waste our precious time trying to watch and get entertained on national television.

No! This doesn't mean we're mad at you but frankly, we didn't like even a bit part of the drama. You should have thought about the decency to keep things private between you and James Yap and your kids. Not all people would feast on your sad stories of harassment and abuse and Jame's story of being forced to keep out of your children either. Keep it private please if you have the decency, both of you. It doesn't involve any of us at any point in time in our lives so don't waste our time trying to prove something. We don't need it! Prove it in court instead with your husband.

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